So what makes us different?

So what makes us different? 

We believe that children flourish and enjoy themselves more when they are playing with their friends, that's why we offer our club service, where our highly experienced and well qualified coaches come to you.., 

The 4 corner model

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England DNA

Our Methodology

To enable every parent to provide their children with the opportunity to develop and grow through sport, we call it ‘Growing up through football’.

Our aim is to raise the bar in inclusive youth coaching which will ensure all children have access to first class appropriate Football coaching.

Our Coaching

A world of confident children who have grown up through the game of football.

Competition and being the best you can be

We are not anti competitive, we love to compete and we aim to give every child the opportunity to flourish and be the best they can be. We believe in creating a winning mentality, but not a win at all costs mentality

Why is our approach so much about Fun?

At Soccer Shooters we are fanatical about fun, because we understand Children play football to have fun, and when we create an inclusive environment where fun is at the essence of our sessions,  then children can and will be creative without  fear of failure. We also want children to improve and become the best they can be , and our experience shows  that having fun and subsequently being creative  is the best way to help achieve this. Our results speaks for themselves, with hundreds and  hundreds of children still playing football today that have attended our sessions. We have also put a number of players on the pathway to elite level with a number of players signed up with professional football club academies. So, by putting fun at the heart of everything we do then we all win!

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