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Webservices The GTRC SICAFE WEB SERVICE module allows you to calculate the net heat rate and balance of plant of a gas turbine system.You can create an unlimited number of cells in your gas turbine system in a simple graphical user interface. In this post, I will demonstrate how to create the cells for a simple gas turbine system using the GTRC WEB SERVICE. Introduction There are three main components of a gas turbine plant: the gas turbine, the fuel source and the heat recovery system. The traditional way to calculate a system's heat rate, balance of plant and Btu’s input is to use an excel spreadsheet. However, this can be laborious, especially for larger system designs. Using the GTRC SICAFE WEB SERVICE, you can easily design your gas turbine system. You can enter the parameters of your system into the SICAFE WEB SERVICE. After you have entered all the required parameters, you can calculate the output, net heat rate and Btu’s input. The results will be presented in both tabular and graphical formats. For demonstration purposes, I will create a simple gas turbine system consisting of an IGCC process gas turbine, a fuel gas feed system, a heat recovery steam generator and an exhaust gas scrubber. IGCC Process As can be seen in the figure below, the process consists of two main sections. In section 1, the gas is compressed, cooled and burned to produce the heat required to perform the endothermic gasification reactions. The heat produced during the combustion process is transferred to a hot heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). In the next section, the gasified syngas is cooled, filtered and the carbon dioxide is absorbed. IGCC process gas turbine. Source: Wikipedia To obtain the information for the system, you can use the following table in the SICAFE WEB SERVICE. The values shown below are approximations and are a very good starting point. More detailed information and calculations can be found in the GTRC SICAFE WEB SERVICE User’s Guide. IGCC Process Gas Turbine Module Parameters Symbol Parameter Value HGT Height of Gas Turbine 34.5m DGWT Design Gas Turbine Weight 14.67t H




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Gasturb 12 Download Crack Software

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