FAQs Holiday clubs

Q: Can the children play matches like they normally do?

A : Yes , competitive matches are now permitted provided social distancing takes place at all other times, including during breaks of play. Our coaches are trained to ensure the children have fun throughout the day while adhering to social distancing as best as possible. If things change on this we will adjust the days accordingly. We will have dedicated match balls that will be sanitized before each game

Q: What footwear is required

A: We recommend Astro type footwear (not studded boots) . Trainers are not recommended above year 2 but acceptable.

Q: Are shin pads required?

A: Yes these are compulsory

Q) Will you still run if raining?

A) Yes, unless the weather is posing a risk or danger then sessions will go on as normal. Children will need rain jackets.

Q)What are the Funday hours?


Standard Day : drop off: 830 to 850 - pick up 1545 to 16.00

Extended Day :drop off 800 - pick up 1700 (extra £10)

Half day morning drop off is 830 to 850 - pick up 1215 to 1230

Half day afternoon drop off 1300 to  1330  - pick up 1545 to 1600

Q) Will you  be running the Fundays in 'Bubbles' ?

A) In Redland we will be running in Bubbles. At SBL we will review and will based on the number of children attending.

Q) How will the Groups comprise?

A) Group A : Reception to year 2. Group B:  Year 3 to Year 4. Group C:  Year 5 to Year 7.


Q) Will my child require a packed lunch?

A) Yes they will need a packed lunch that is clearly marked as theirs 

Q) Will my child need sun tan lotion?

A)Yes and applied before attending  . If your child unable to re-apply themselves during the day, please advsie when you arrive. 

Q) Can I request that my child is in the same group as all  his friends

A) Children will be placed in groups depending on their school year, as best as possible we will ensure friends are within the same sub group, however we can not promise they will be in the same groups as all their friends (but at least some of them). 

Q: Are you offering half days?

A: Yes. Your child can attend in the morning , afternoon or full day. 


Q: Will it just be football at the Holiday camps?

A: The objective of the Holiday clubs is to get children active, outdoors and having fun. The camps will be primarily football but we may play other sports during the day to ensure there is enough variety for the children


Q. My child is not very experienced at football

A: This is not an issue at all, active fun regardless of ability is our focus.


Q. What sanitising & hand washing facilities will there be?

A. Water tanks, anti-bacterial spray, soap and hand gel will be at the entrance/exit and all children will be instructed to wash their hands on arrival, at lunchtime, throughout the day and before leaving.


Q. Will the coaches be wearing facemasks?

A. Generally the coaches will not be wearing facemasks as they will be social distancing (and it inhibits communication). They will however have masks which can be used if they need to be close to a child for any reason.


Q. Will the equipment be sanitised regularly?

A. All equipment will be regularly cleaned before and during the sessions. We won't be using bibs unless necessary (eg with the younger groups)


Q. Can the children bring their own footballs?

A. Yes, we would encourage children to bring their own footballs with them, but we will have spares.


Q. How will you ensure that the children adhere to social distancing guidelines?

A. The areas which we will be using have been modified to allow for social distancing, safe spaces have been created for coaches   and players to discuss the session and for children to socialise in. Tasks will be adjusted if required during the sessions if social  distancing is becoming problematic. 


Q. Will there be food and drinks available?

A. No.Children will each be given a specific area to keep their personal belongings in (including food and drink). 


Q. Can my child refill their water bottle during the day?

A. Yes this will be possible with fountains regularly cleaned.

Q. Are there toilet facilities?

A. Toilets will be available but as much as possible we need to avoid toilet breaks at the start of the session, as it pulls a coach away from the group to supervise a toilet break. The toilet will be professionally cleaned regularly.


Q. Why do you need a contact number for the parents/guardians

A. We ask for contact numbers so that we can contact you if:

  • Your child is refusing or unable to adhere to social distancing rules. For the sake of everyone’s wellbeing, we have to adopt a zero tolerance on this. We will initially ask them to sit out, but if that is not resolving the issue we will have to call you.

  • Your child becomes ill with Coronavirus symptoms during the day

  • Your child is injured and needs picking up before the day ends (rest assured we will follow all first aid procedures as normal). 

  • Calling you will be a last resort.

Q: Can we share lifts

A) Participants should follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport and walking or cycling if possible. People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle

Q: Can I uses Childcre vouchers?

A: Yes please see how to do that here>