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All about us

The Soccer Shooters culture

Some football coaching is all about creating world class players. Other clubs are about having a bit of fun on a Saturday morning. Soccer Shooters is different.


We combine top quality coaching with a relaxed and inclusive environment, enabling children of all backgrounds and abilities to sharpen their football skills while also learning life skills that will serve them well, no matter what they want to do in the future.


We aim to create a culture where kids love to play the game. Where they look forward to practices and games because they know they will have fun, they’ll be given the opportunity to be the best they can be, and to understand and appreciate the benefits of teamwork while contributing to the wider community.


The joy of playing a sport can last a lifetime and we want to contribute to that joy and help as many children as possible to find it. In doing so, we also want to give parents, friends and wider family the sense of pride they will get from having enabled their children to achieve this.

Our Mission

To enable every parent to provide their children with the opportunity to develop and grow through sport, we call it ‘Growing up through football’.

Our aim is to raise the bar in inclusive youth coaching which will ensure all children have access to first class appropriate Football coaching.

Our Vision

A world of confident children who have grown up through the game of football.

We aim to create a culture where kids love to play the game. They look forward to practices and games as times when they will have fun, be given opportunity to be the best they can be, understand and appreciate the benefits of team work, while contributing to the wider community.

Why is our approach so much about Fun?

At Soccer Shooters we are fanatical about fun, because we understand Children play football to have fun, and when we create an inclusive environment where fun is at the essence of our sessions,  then children can and will be creative without  fear of failure. We also want children to improve and become the best they can be , and our experience shows  that having fun and subsequently being creative  is the best way to help achieve this. Our results speaks for themselves, with hundreds and  hundreds of children still playing football today that have attended our sessions. We have also put a number of players on the pathway to elite level with a number of players signed up with professional football club academies. So, by putting fun at the heart of everything we do then we all win!

So why else join  Soccer Shooters?

We have been creating safe, fun coaching environments for over 15 years, so  we really  understand the unique demands of busy parents looking for fun, safe and well-run sporting activities for their children. We provide safe well organised coaching environments that parents are able to access easily.

Our growth mindset means that parents don't need to worry that their children are receiving the best development they could, you can leave that to us as we keep on top of all the latest research, guidelines and  coaching techniques.

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