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St Ursulas Academy - After school clubs

Welcome to our dedicated after-school club page for, St Ursulas Academy School,  Bristol. 

The club will run from December  2021 as follows:

Cost : Sessions are £6 per session on a block booking only basis.

Frequently asked questions:

Q) What footwear will they need?

A) When on the grass the best footwear is studded football boots. However in the summer months and when the grass is dry this may not always be a requirement, however, please be aware if the grass is wet studds will be needed. When on the playground astro type shoes or trainers must be worn.

Q) Do they need shin pads?

A) Yes, these are compulsory. Please see our Shin pads  blog

Q) What if the weather is particularly bad or its really cold?

A) Unless it is a danger to play, our sessions will always go ahead, no matter the weather.

Q) Can I just try a session before signing up?

A) As places are limited we can not offer a free trial session, however, if you sign up and after your childs first session they are adamant they do  not want to continue, we will arrange a refund for the remaining weeks of the block.

Q) I missed the start of the block, can I still sign up and can I pay pro-rata?

A) Yes you can join mid-block, and you will not pay for the sessions that occurred before you joined, please bear in mind that places will be limited, and joining mid-term might not be possible if all the places are taken.

Q) Im away for quite a few weeks can I just pay for the sessions my child attends? 

A) Unfortunately not, the clubs are offered on a block booking only.

Q)Why are you limiting the number of places?

A) Duty of care is our number one priority, our next priority is our desire to provide a high quality of service. By limiting the numbers we will ensure children are safe, and receive high-quality dedicated coaching. Please note we will review the sessions each week and if we feel we can allow more children we will do this 

Q) What should they wear?

A) Children should wear clothing appropriate for sport, please also ensure they bring a raincoat and in the colder months, a hat and gloves.

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