Our Terms and Conditions

Our Standard Terms and conditions

For a   block of classes,  to cancel your booking  you must give 30 days notice by email to info@soccershooters.com, all cancellations will incur a £6 administration fee, any remaining weeks post the cancellation period will be reimbursed. 

All Holiday club cancellations must be made within 7 days of the Holiday camp starting  to receive a full refund.


Our Covid 19 policy

For your child to attend our sessions you have adhered to guidelines and your household is free of symptoms of Coronanvirus,  and has been for 14 days.

For your child to attend our sessions your child is not in a position that they should be self-isolating.

You accept that if your child is not adhering to social distancing policy or compromising anyone's safety they will be asked to leave.

You will be aware that we may contact you to pick up during the session and be available to do so.

You accept that if your child shows symptoms of Covid-19 in attendance  you will be in a position to pick up ASAP

You are aware that you need to be available to contact during the session to pick up your child in a timely manner

By signing up your child to our  classes you accept that should your child unfortunately contract Coronavirus Soccer Shooters will hold no responsibility for this.

If a term booking is cancelled, curtailed or reduced  due to Covid-19 we will offer a credit for future Soccer Shooters term bookings and not holiday clubs.

If a Holiday club is cancelled, curtailed or reduced  due to Covid-19 we will offer a credit for future Soccer Shooters Holiday club bookings and not evening and weekend classes.

If your child has to miss session due to self isolating  then we can not offer any credit or refund for these missed sessions. 

Any discount  code offered in lieu of missed sessions due to a UK lockdown must be used withing 3 months of issue

Some FAQ's

Q) What happens to the cancelled sessions in the January lockdown?

A) Once we know how many weeks this latest lockdown  will entail we will offer a credit for future  classes.

Q) What happens to the sessions carried over from the November 2020 lockdown.

A) All people booked on for this block should have received a discount code for the missed sessions, please contact us if you have not

received this.

Q) Can I have a refund for the remainder of the block due to the Covid 19 lockdown?

A) As per our clear notice when booking on, that required everyone to sign up to before joining the block,  we are not able to offer a refund for any missed sessions. Any missed sessions will be given a voucher code for the next block.

Q) What happens if im still owed sessions for the last block and am yet to book on the new block?

A) Your voucher code will be valid for 3 months from when you received.

Q) Can I use my voucher code due to missed classes,  toward a Holiday club booking? 

A) Voucher codes for missed classes can be used for future classes only and not holiday clubs.