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The Soccer Shooters Way
Soccer Shooters Football Fundays session with top freestyler

Some football coaching is all about creating world class players. Other clubs are about having a bit of fun on a Saturday morning. Soccer Shooters is different.


At Soccer Shooters we combine top quality coaching with a relaxed and inclusive environment, enabling children of all backgrounds and abilities to sharpen their football skills while also learning life skills that will serve them well, no matter what they want to do in the future.

REMVER is our way of ensuring our sessions are consistent with the high standard that we keep at Soccer Shooters. We like to call this our own Principles of Soccer Shooters Play and we include all 6 in every session we run to ensure the session is to our standard. 


We have an aim to have the ball moving and players playing for 80%-90% of the time available futsal is perfect with quick restarts and encouragement to keep the ball in play in any way possible.


The ABCs(Agility, Balance Coordination Speed) have always been important to all sports. We intend to develop them in all players to allow them to be as skilful as they can be.


Is always safe both physically safe and emotionally a space to try and learn to grow.


The spark to ensure sport is a lifelong passion. This should be present and a goal for our coaches to engage the players.


We intend to give the players the confidence to have some decision over what they do, we want that confidence to flow in them and create some great friends and take responsibility in situations in the future.


All coaching has to be relevant and if it all comes back to be transferred to the game that is the key. Can the skills used in isolation and in a safe place without pressure be transferred to a competitive one."




We know that no matter what our motivations are, and no matter what the ultimate result of our work is, the reason most children attend a football class or club is to have fun. And we want to make sure that’s exactly what they get.


Our professional coaches are well equipped to help each child be the best footballer they can be. But they’re also on hand to help them develop life skills to help them grow up to achieve their full potential and contribute positively to society


Every child deserves access to first class coaching. Whether they are confident and highly skilled or need encouragement to join in and find their feet, we want to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

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