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Tiger Tots ( 2 to  4 year olds in Pre School )

Welcome to Tiger Tots!  The home of fun football, that gets kids active, having fun, while introducing them to a football at their (Tiger) feet!

Our approach to Tiger Tots sessions is centred on movement, and developing a child's moto skills, and when a child is ready we progress this through to ball familiarity, so they are eventually comfortable with a ball at their feet. Ultimately its about Fun though, and engaging children in  sport that we hope is something they enjoy for life.

We have a pathway from Tots through to age 16, so this is the perfect place for a child to start their sport and footballing journey!

Our new Tiger Tots start on Friday, November 10th 2023.

This is a free Taster.

Location: Redland Green Tennis Club, BS6 7HF


2 to 3 year olds : 11 am to 1125am

3 to 4 year olds : 1130 to  1200pm


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