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Coaching Opportunities 

We are always keen to hear from motivated coaches that share our vision and approach to coaching and have a growth mindset. One thing all our coaches share is a love of learning, they love to learn themselves and they love to share their knowledge with others to help them be the best they can be, whether that be children, other coaches or parent volunteers, so if  this sounds like you and you have a minimum of FA Level 1  then please get in touch. 

Why Coach for Soccer Shooters?

Here is some feedback from Soccer Shooters coaches:

“Working for James and Soccer Shooters  allows me to be creative in what i know about football. I receive great coaching opportunities, like doing more sessions on a midweek day or Saturdays and more recently the fun days. The coaching atmosphere is also brilliant as it it's relaxed and not pushed like academy's.” TT

" I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1st full season working alongside James, coaching the U11 team. James has created, at Soccer Shooters , an inclusive, educational and fun environment that allows the children to enjoy playing football while at the same time developing their skills, technique and understanding of the game. Everybody is treated equally and encouraged to contribute to each session. Sessions are fun, game related and challenging. 


As a coach I have developed a lot during my time at JW. I have found James to be proactive and focused on continually developing his coaches through recommended courses, input into developing sessions and providing suggested articles or relevant online sites all geared to improving a football coach. James ensured and supported all coaches towards becoming FA licensed. Personally, I have also learned a lot from working alongside James both in the sessions he puts on, his understanding of the game and the way he motivates and supports the children. " AK

" From the start of my experience I was welcomed and my first positive was meeting James and finding out that we shared the same vision of how to enable kids to learn how to develop their football skills so first positive SHARED VISION. The idea was very simple and was communicated to me from the start, it has been present in training sessions and interactions with all Soccer Shooters  coaches. Communicating this clearly at the start of a coaching relationship is very important in my opinion


To sum up I think that the vision of how to coach kids and enable learning is important and why I like working with Soccer Shooters l as I have the same idea. The opportunity to share my knowledge (from a junior, enthusiastic perspective) with more experienced coaches is enjoyable and to receive the discussions in return on best practise. I also have the future to think about in coaching and the economic incentive of working at Soccer Shooters  makes my work there important to tear away from full time work and focus on what I love doing" JB

" It is very enjoyable coaching at Soccer Shooters. James and his teams have developed a strong motivational environment - coaches have a high degree of autonomy yet also benefit from plenty of support. " AE

“ I feel that I am supported and listened to by James and  other coaches. I also feel that I am continually learning and encouraged to develop through advice and helpful articles/resources shared with all coaches” BC

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