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What is Futsal?

Futsal or Futbol de salao as its known in its full term, basically translates to 'Football in a room', or 'Indoor football'. It is however much more than just indoor football.

There are two things that make Futsal unique:

The first difference is the ball, it is smaller, heavier and has less bounce than a traditional football. This ensures the ball is not bouncing and pinging around like a traditional football would do. The players get more contact time with the ball because of this, which will give them more opportunities to improve their ball control. It will also mean that it’s much easier to practice and improve skills and is regarded by football coaching experts as a turbo charge for a child’s technical improvement.

Professional Football clubs are now dedicating a big part of their coaching programme to Futsal and a number of the best football players in the world put playing Futsal as a child down as a huge part of their development, players include Kevin De Bruyne, Philippe Coutinho, Neymar and Mo Salah. There is also Ricardinho who is a world superstar who only plays Futsal!

The second thing that makes Futsal different from football are the rules, such as not being able to pass back to the Goalkeeper and the 4 seconds to pass a ball back in play once it has gone out. These rules mean the game is incredibly fast and always forward-thinking. Imagine combining 5 a side Football with Ice Hockey and basketball, that’s Futsal!

Above all else, the reason the game is gaining so much popularity is because it’s so much fun! It’s fast, technical, and requires a real bond between players to make a successful team.

At Soccer Shooters we absolutely love Futsal. The sport ticks every box for us, as its lots of fun, encourages creativity, its amazing for developing skills, with a real focus on team work and communication.

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