Success and the Individual

We discussed ‘what do children see as success?’ – answers include ‘having fun’, ‘getting better at football’, ‘scoring a goal’, ‘winning a match’ and ‘making friends’. We also considered what we, as coaches, see as success. Children having fun, coming back next week (and next year), trying their best, developing important life skills (confidence/resilience etc.) and showing respect to all, are all things that we love to see.

What do you see as success?

I have considered this question many times over the years. The most common question that can be asked by Mum or Dad is ‘did you win?’ Is this indicative of success? Another common one is ‘Did you score?’ but ‘did you set up a goal?’ or ‘did you stop a goal’ could be even better questions. It is an interesting process to write down what success looks like to you. A couple more ideas could be, “did you play well” and “what did you do that helped you play well?”

We feel we are running a successful club at grassroots level but want to be even more successful. There are many ways we can improve – one way is for us to provide you with more regular information about our coaching ethos. We aim