Girl's Engagement and the Women’s World Cup

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Soccer Shooters has been running a FA Wildcats initiative to engage girls into football for over a year now. A lot of the engagement is borne through the environment that surrounds them; we spoke with one of our parents, Tracy Roberts who has a daughter that attends our Wildcats sessions and how the Women’s World Cup has impacted on her.

We started by asking how their daughter first got interested in football,

“Both myself and Andy(dad) are football fans so it’s always been part of her Poppy’s life as she’s been growing up. She’s always loved kicking a ball about and was encouraged to play by her dad and uncle.”

It’s clear to see the environment and the encouragement from both parents and extended family is really important to feeling confident to try the game. We have been giving hints and tips to parents who play with their kids in the park and asking them to play a s