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4 Ideas To Keep Your Football Crazy Kids On Their Toes This Summer

Updated: Jul 7, 2019


If you are going on holiday to a country that speaks a different language why not encourage your kids to be brave and to speak the language of football with the locals. Portugal, Spain, France and many places across Europe have great outdoor cage football facilities that are also popping up here too. These environments are all about the skills, you can’t play beach football without throwing an overhead kick in at least once every ten minutes. If you’re playing in the concrete cages forget about scoring a goal, a nutmeg is what you’re looking for, the ultimate humiliation!

It’s not all about football of course. Surfing on holiday can be a way to improve your timing, add a bit of bravery and balance in there too. Touch rugby on the beach is fabulous for teamwork and coordination this gives a great chance to test your speed on the sand. Why not try a bit of skateboarding, the rate of improvement is a great learning moment for kids to understand the relationship of working hard and failing to learning how to deal with that failure, let them work it out and your enabling your kids to develop their grown mindset.


Freestyle football is a whole different ball game… It is a combination of football skills, keepie uppies with a street dance feel. It is all based around the individual and a great way for your child to learn that practice makes perfect. A good way to start would be the basics, simple keepie uppies and using both feet. Drag backs and quick combination touches are a good place to start with younger learners before taking the ball to the air. Simple around the world tricks and hop the world are difficult but possible. The community around freestyle is what makes it special, having a couple of friends there to cheer you on when you’re practicing and trying hard then to celebrate with you when you crack it. JOHN FARNWORTH a 9 times Guinness world record holder will be doing some freestyle at Sir Bernard Lovell School in Oldland Common over the summer so keep an eye out for that!


The Women’s World Cup Kicks has made a cracking start and concludes on the 7th July. Women’s Football is exploding all over the world right now and the World Cup in France this year is set to be the biggest yet! Fancy a trip to South of France? It’s not too late to catch a game. Let’s hope it’s a Scotland VS England final and that we will see the growth and interest in the game erupt throughout the UK. The FA is supporting a lot of girls football sessions in a bid to improve equality in the sport. They are popping up all over the country, look out for the FA Wildcats scheme to get the girls in your life into a healthy happy sporting environment all based on engagement in sport. That is something we can really get behind! Click here to find your closest centre.


Summer is a superb time to find your local football camps enabling your kids to meet and make new friends of all different ages and enjoy football in a social environment. Soccer Shooters is a company that provides creative football camps for kids from the ages of 5-12 across the summer for more information click here.

Football across the Summer is a great time for kids, it truly never sleeps but hopefully with a healthy dose of these ideas your kids will!

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