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How Football Fundays can help your child's life skills.

A key aspect of a child's development and education is not simply how much they learn, but also how they implement what they learn in terms of the decisions they make.

So often coaches expect kids to make good decisions without any basis. For example, if we want the child to understand and recognise “when to dribble and when to pass” we need to create an environment when basic information will be available to make the correct decision. The environment the coaches create is also paramount to a child feeling comfortable to experiment and at times make mistakes.

This will mean a child has a memory bank of lessons learnt, allowing them to make their own decision without expecting any guidance and instruction from others, also its important the coach doesn't overload a child with too much information as this will only confuse them, as with all teaching, its about knowing the kids you are teaching or coaching.

With the School summer holidays now upon us, this year at our Football Holiday camps in Bristol we have created a unique suite of Session Cards with all the fun development games we have up our sleeve from years of coaching. We allow the children to review all the cards regularly throughout the day and decide what games they want to play and when, we have even created blank templates for them to design their own games.

It maybe the school holidays, but we are aware that this is a key time for children to learn life skills as well as football skills, and empowering the kids to make their own decisions is something we at Soccer Shooters are passionate about.

This article was written by James Wilson.

James is the founder of Soccer Shooters and Chief Football Fun Co-ordinator

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