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Making new friends this summer at Football Holiday clubs

Reflecting on a summer of managing our Fundays, I can think of so many different positives. We have had hundreds of boys and girls enjoy the days in great weather, playing loads of different games, inventing games (football cricket being a personal highlight), being encouraged, being empowered, displaying creativity - all in a caring, supportive environment.

The most rewarding aspect of the last six weeks for me, however, has been seeing children develop in confidence and develop friendships as the weeks have progressed. It has been equally nice seeing kids we know well returning and welcoming boys and girls to their first Soccer Shooters experience. Many of the children arriving at a Funday for the first time feel a little nervous to begin with but the table football/table tennis available during registration periods has allowed them to start having fun immediately.

Every child that had attended this summer has got to know others during the course of the day/week/summer and it has been a real pleasure to watch these friendships develop.

The variety of football games we have made available to the children has allowed us to observe different characteristics in them. It is lovely seeing the more confident kids display kindness, consideration and encouragement to those less confident - this really helps them come out of their shell and enjoy themselves even more.

If your child is new to Soccer Shooters I would highly encourage you to let them try one of our Futsal taster sessions - I am sure they will enjoy it and make new friends through playing!

Andy Edwards is a Soccer Shooters Holiday club manager

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